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Book Cheap Flights to Mumbai, India from Ireland

Formerly called Bombay, Mumbai is a highly populated city on India’s West Coast. As the largest city in India, Mumbai has seven districts and every visitor will discover so much to see and do.

As it is the oldest region, South Mumbai is packed full of history. It is also world renowned for its museums, bars, galleries, designer shops, fancy restaurants which serve topnotch cuisine, the Gateway of India and it is home to some of the richest neighbourhoods in the country, which every visitor to Mumbai cannot miss. 

Mumbai Zoo is a fantastic attraction for all to visit and it is a great day out for the entire family as well as and the Worli sea face.

Take time out of your sightseeing with a romantic stroll through Sanjay Gandhi National Park or spend the day exploring the 2400 year old Kanheri caves.

During your Mumbai adventure, don't forget about taking a trip to some of the stunning beaches and the fascinating sights that are everywhere in this Indian city.  This is a city filled with wonder and surprise.


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